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Today I am going to introduce you to a very special kind of touch interface that will make your smartphone worth more useful. It is a kind of software that will customize your phone appearance as you want it to be. Like we have UIS launcher in Samsung, OnePlus carries OXYGENos, Nova Launcher Prime Xiomi has MEUI.

So like every manufacturing company has its own desired touch launcher. But the real problem with these launchers is that we can not customize it as per our needs. But to solve this problem we have a very special app with over 4.8 ratings on Playstore named Nova Launcher.

Nova Launcher Prime Apk

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File NameNova Launcher Prime
File Size11.7 MB
Last Update18 January 2019
Requires Android4.1 & up
Total Installs50,000,000+
Total Ratings4.7 Stars

Nova Launcher Prime Apk [Beta Version]

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File NameNova Launcher Prime
File Size11.7 MB
Last Update18 January 2019
Requires Android4.1 & up
Total Installs50,000,000+
Total Ratings4.7 Stars

Premium Feature of Nova Launcher Mod Apk:

  • Custom Grid: Set up rows and columns to suit all the requirements of your application and widget. Settings > Desktop > Grid for the desktop
  • Scrollable Dock: With up to 7 icons per page and up to 3 websites, keep all your favourite applications on the dock. Settings > Dock > Icons for Dock and Dock
  • Scroll Effects: While scrolling your desktop and drawer, enjoy eye candy. Effects for Prime customers include Cube and Cardstack and more. Settings > Scrolling effect > Desktop (or Drawer)
  • Infinite Scroll: Never be far from your favourite site, loop continually through your computer. Settings > Desktop > Scroll to Infinity Folder Icons Choose a background, preview style, or even substitute the entire icon. Settings > Desktop > Arrangements
  • Backup / Restore: To get back up and running rapidly, export your settings and design before a wipe. Settings > Backup
  • Gestures: Start Nova Actions or Apps quickly from desktop gestures such as pinching, swiping, or two-finger swiping. Settings > Management
  • Hide Apps: Keep a drawer free of clutter by hiding applications that have never been used. Parameters > Drawer > Hide Apps
  • Icon Swipes: You can use more icons from your desktop and dock by setting long-press swipe actions on icon > Edit

Key Features:

  • The newest features: Nova provides all other devices with the recent Android launcher characteristics.
  • Custom Icon Themes: Nova promotes thousands of Play Store icon themes.
  • Night Mode and Dark Theme: Automatically switch on the night mode at a particular moment or simply leave it on for a dark theme.
  • Customizable App Drawer: vertical or horizontal scrolling, page effects, and card or immersive options are just a few of the things that the app drawer can find.
  • Subgrid Positioning: The ability to snap icons and widgets between grid cells makes it simple to get an accurate feel and design with Nova in a manner that is impossible for most other launchers.
  • Backup and restore: Through Nova’s backup and restore function, moving from mobile to mobile or attempting fresh home screen setups is a snap. For easy transfers, backups can be stored locally or stored in the cloud.
  • Speed: Nova is highly optimized, with animations that are smooth and snappy, making even older phones feel quick and fluid. These are some super cool features of Nova Launcher. But it does not end up here. We have got a lot more for you. Make sure you read the full article so that you don’t miss out anything important.

Things you should definitely try on Nova Launcher Apk:

Use gestures to navigate quickly

Customizable swipe gestures are, in my view, the number one reason why Nova Launcher Prime has to stump up a few pennies. It makes your favourite applications jumping in and out and features a breeze. Developing your muscle memory takes some time, but once you get it, you won’t look back. To open an app of your choice, expand the notification menu or fast configurations, boot Google Assistant or the app drawer, and more, you can swipe the home screen. Pinch-in and out, swipe up and down, and double-tap swipes are included in the gestures. I set mine up so that pinch-in launches the camera, swipes my notifications anywhere on the screen, and quickly double tap on Google Assistant.

Organize the app drawer

Third-party home screens are often searched for as solutions to the growing amount of devices that by default omit the app drawer or throw one in as an afterthought, forcing all your applications to clutter up your home screen. Nova Launcher provides a wider variety of customization alternatives for app drawers than most, with a number of useful characteristics to maintain your app drawer ultra-organized. The Drawer Groups of Nova Launcher have choices for app drawer tabs and folders, making it simpler to locate the app you’re looking for. I divide my app drawer into four tabs: general applications, applications from Google, games, and work. Additionally, you can hide widget icons and pre-installed apps that you can’t remove from the primary drawer by unassigning them from all your tabs.

Recent and frequent applications

Other launchers are known for their capacity to learn from their customers, optimizing their design and characteristics to highlight applications and preferences that are most commonly used. Nova Launcher does this too, although it is an optional function tucked away behind the scenes. The “pull to search” function in the app drawer shows a drop-down search bar to find your applications. It comes with a list of your most commonly used apps, the latest apps that you have opened, and a list of freshly installed and newly updated apps.

Sesame Shortcuts for further inclusion

Sesame improves search and shortcut range and depth. It operates with other launchers, but the close relationship with Nova implies that the shortcuts of Sesame integrate beautifully with the search feature of Nova and have exclusive access to “Dynamic” shortcuts. If you’re unfamiliar with yourself, Sesame search and shortcuts go far beyond bringing up apps and contact names. You can jump straight into a playlist, video search, or chain of messages. The API is built into Spotify, Slack, Tasker, Reddit, Netflix, YouTube, Gmail, Maps, and many more applications, allowing you to rapidly jump into the pieces of applications that you use most frequently.

Activate night mode

If you use your smartphone frequently at night, you will undoubtedly have been affected by bright white UI components, even when swapping between other applications that might have their own night mode. Luckily Nova Launcher has its own night mode option that will obscure a number of UI elements. Night mode will not turn the launchers entirely into a distinct look, it will only darken certain aspects such as the background of the app drawer and the colour of folders. These options can be configured in the configuration menu of the launcher, allowing users to darken separately the search bar, drawer, drawer icon and folders.

How to Install?

After your download gets completed, click on the downloaded file or apk to start the installation. You may have to tick the ‘allow files from external sources’ option from your device’s settings. Do not worry. It will not cause any harm to your smartphone.


Nova Launcher is an extremely powerful and helpful software that will give your smartphone a brand new and customized look. The best part about Nova Launcher is that it is highly compressed and does not affect the performance of our smartphone. It is highly customized and gives you a very soothing elegant look for the capture of apps and system innovations. It gives you plenty of options which can make your usage of smartphone very user-friendly and enables you to have a clean design and space for your installed apps. I hope you have read the complete article and got all your queries cleared about Nova Launcher Prime.

Thank you in taking out time to read my complete article. See you next time. Cheers